Tile Installation

New tile can transform a bathroom into a sanctuary. It can turn a kitchen into art. Nola Handyman knows all the tricks to getting great looking tile work. Call him today for help with your tile project.

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Tiling Tips

Whether you are doing it yourself, or just want to know what to watch for when having new tile installed, these tips should help you ensure the job is done right.

  • Most manufactured tile will have an arrow printed on the backside of each piece of tile. Installing your tile with all the arrows facing the same direction will ensure a consistent color pattern.
  • Inspect each individual tile for chips before you install it.
  • When applying the thin-set to the floor, use your trowel to spread the thin-set in multiple directions. This will help you get a stronger hold.

For help with your tile work, or any other home renovation projects, call Nola Handyman.

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