Drywall Directions

Here are some easy steps to follow when patching a hole in your drywall.

  • 1. Cut out a square around the hole, so that you are left with a slightly larger hole with straight, square edges.
  • 2. Cut a new piece of drywall to fit the new square hole.
  • 3. Find or create a piece of scrap wood that is long enough to span the hole, but thin enough to fit through it.
  • 4. Insert the scrap wood into the hole then turn it so that it spans the center of the hole on the backside from top to bottom.
  • 5. Use drywall screws to fasten the scrap wood in place at the top and bottom. (make sure to sink the screw heads just below the drywall surface)
  • 6. Now take your new piece of drywall, put it in place, and screw it into the scrap wood. (make sure to sink the screw heads just below the drywall surface)
  • 7. Use joint compound to fill in the edges of the hole as well as the pits left by the screws.
  • 8. Use drywall tape to hide the seams around the hole.
  • 9. Add one more thin layer of joint compound over the tape and taper out.
  • 10. Let it dry. Sand it smooth and paint it.

Drywall Repair

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