Crown Molding Installation

Crown molding can give an average room an elegant look. Sometimes installing the crown molding can be a little tricky. Nola Handyman knows how to get all the mitered joints to line up and looking fantastic. If you want to add a little class to your room, call him today.

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Crown Molding Memos

Getting all of your crown molding pieces to matchup and look seamless can be challenging. Here are a few helpful hints.

  • Find and mark studs and ceiling joist ahead of time to make nailing the molding in place easier.
  • When cutting a miter joint, position the piece of molding upside-down and backward on the saw. (As if the base of the saw is the ceiling and the saw fence is the wall)
  • On outside mitered corners, use a blunt tool to bend the ends of the wood fibers in slightly to cover the seam.

If you get stuck in your molding project, call the New Orleans Handyman. He'll come out and make sure the job gets finished right.

Did you know?

You can also use a miter cut to hide the scarf joints that occur when a wall is longer than a single piece of molding.

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